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Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the design, development and industrialization of connectors and mechanical components for the electronics industry.
With production traceability and cost control, PASMAN responds effectively to the issues expressed by its customers.

Pasman is equipped with modern and powerful design means to help you and act as a specialist in electrical connection systems.
We develop tailor-made solutions tailored to your requirements and specifications. ensemble embase boitiers Connecteur CAC Contact puissance


Good communication combined with our ability to listen, allows us to transform the expression of need into a relevant solution, to meet the requirements of our client's project.

Our responsiveness quickly advances projects and allows the client to save time and optimize investments. Busbar avec shynt de mesure monter sur FR4 Connecteur TB flottant Boitier convertisseur

Satisfaction Client

The solutions provided by PASMAN allow a real advance in the projects of its customers. By setting up a product-specific production and control chain, PASMAN saves considerable time for its customers.

By providing the technical solutions expected from the customer while keeping the price under control, the professionals who chose PASMAN made the right choice. Dassault Aviation Général Electric Schneider electric


PASMAN can create or recreate connectors to address the obsolescence issues facing our customers in demanding fields such as nuclear, rail and defense.

The advantage is to avoid very costly overhauls and requalifications linked to the introduction of other unqualified components. This approach has the advantage of preserving the old electronic assemblies identically and avoiding significant expenses. Platine à routage de piste Connecteur 9 points Support voyant